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How to Kickstart your Weight loss!

Have you ever googled "how to lose weight"? What comes up? Your search result turns up 1000's of different approaches to weight loss. Most of them aren't researched based. I bet you get pretty frustrated trying to figure out which weight loss method works? Do you cut carbs or increase them? Does intermittent fasting work? Keto? Paleo? the list goes on and on.

Take a deep breath...... Pause...... and ask yourself what is YOUR goal? Hmmmmm okay I want to lose 50 lbs which would be the skinniest I have EVER been. Is this a realistic goal that can be sustained? Probably not. Okay, so maybe I should lose 1-2 lbs per week for a 20 lbs weight loss....This seems much more realistic and sustainable. I think you catch my drift here. You first need to identify a realistic goal. Yo yo weight loss is more detrimental to your health then not losing weight at all. You NEED to have a goal that you can obtain. Your body wants it, your brain wants it, and you want a goal that you can obtain!

Now you have your obtainable goal... What next? Okay, I will cut out alllllllll carbs in my diet. Great! I lost 10 lbs in 2 weeks....BUT I'm really hungry and every time I see an ad on Facebook for a donut I get more and more hungry...... Okay, I will just have one... Maybe just a small fry with my bun less hamburger.... oh shoot well I will just have a cheat weekend...... You hop on the scale Monday morning and found out that you gained 2 lbs.... Okay! I'm back on my carb free diet for two days and then you go to a birthday party and oohhhhh I will just have a small piece of cake. You get the idea and you have probably been there.

When you restrict a food group you may lose weight initially, but typically the weight comes back and usually worse. You don't have to restrict. You would benefit from incorporating healthy foods in your diet. Work on increasing your fruit and vegetable intake to 5-7 servings per day! This will naturally decrease your daily calorie level while increasing highly nutritious foods. Incorporate beans and legumes to your diet. Shoot for 2 servings daily. Incorporate whole grains. If you eat white rice switch to brown, if you eat white flour tortillas switch to whole wheat, and you get the idea! Move your body for a minimum of 30min per day. Last but not least make sure you drink water (8 glasses). I can't guarantee that these practices will make you lose weight, but I will guarantee that you will be healthier! If you are already implementing these practices in your life and still aren't losing weight look at your stress level, sleep patterns, previous chronic conditions, and look at your diet for any hidden sources of high caloric foods.

Once you lose weight you will always be susceptible to gaining the weight back. The people that keep off the weight are one's that adjust when they notice weight creeping back up. Motivation will always play a big part as well. You will have to find new ways to stay motivated. Change up your workout routine, or change up your meal pattern. As always get help from your local friendly dietitian! They can help you define goals, evaluate current meal pattern, and help you stay motivated!

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